Monday, 9 March 2015

Scary Movies for Horror Enthusiasts

  The Conjuring

The Conjuring is number one movie on the list for terrifyingly good reasons. The central focus is on the traditional haunted house, with the usual creepy ghost woman with no eyes lurking inside every shadowy corner, petrified young children with shrieks louder than a jet absolutely mad with fear and, of course, a demonic possession so psychologically disturbing even the toughest of horror fans will feel the chills piercing their backs. Additionally, a whole host of terror tactics are in place to make you not just jump out of your seat but run out of the room screaming. For the more enthusiastic horror fans this is a definite must see. If you can’t get enough the prequel ‘Annabelle’ is in cinemas now.
Mama is a thrilling and gripping story about a desperate spirit, ‘Mama’ traumatised by the absence of her lost child. As two young girls are abandoned in a cabin the woods the spirit ‘mama’ appears to protect the girls, effectively adopting them as her won children. A few years later as the missing girls are found, they appear to behave in an animalistic and savage manner. As the uncle and his girlfriend try and introduce into human society, many problems arise and it appears that Mama has a stronger hold on the kids than anyone ever expected.
       The Blair Witch Project
This movie is completely unique within the horror genre due to its experimental filming methods and unusual plot. The last few years have seen an increase in the paranormal type scary movie, which revolves around ghost, ghouls and gore. The Blair Witch Project is all about the creepiest, darkest woods you can imagine, complete with a trio of foolish students with a dodgy camera with bad angles, which only make the experience that bit more terrifying. As an older, but still chillingly scary movie, the Blair Witch project will put you off camping for life.
       The Woman in Black (2012)
Set in the 1900’s, this chilling movie captures the raw essence of the classic haunting from a vengeful ghost. Daniel Radcliffe, (a.k.a Harry Potter) stars as a young lawyer with a troubled past, who travels to a tormented town to sell an abandoned manor house. In addition, Radcliffe breaks away from his role as Harry to experiment with a mature angle. This movie will guarantee to have you jolting out of your seats due to the copious amount of creepy dolls, a disturbing history and an intensely ominous atmosphere.
Orphan tells a tale of a family who adopted a seemingly innocent little girl called Esther. However, she is definitely not what she seems and has a very dark secret indeed. The family who welcome her into their home are shocked to the core when they discover Esther’s true identity. Her sweet façade is unravelled in this creepy movie throughout disturbing scenarios.  This movie will have you clutching to your friends.
        The Amityville Horror (2005)
If you haven’t read the book or seen the original 1979 version of this film then you won’t be disappointed! This film is thrilling from start to finish while still maintaining an intriguing storyline; Ryan Reynolds stars as the classic possessed father figure in a story much like “The Shining”. The only thing that disappointed me about this remake was how little it resembled the original or true story. If you are going to call it a remake it mast at least maintain a few of the same events.
Reynolds moves his new family into the Amityville house in hope of a new life together. However the longer the family spend in the house the more the evil intensifies; it also begins to become more physical rather than mental. We can gradually see the house drive Reynolds insane and turn him against his family. For me the ending was a little disappointing though unexpected.

      Warm Bodies (2013)
Warm Bodies is a great movie for lovers of horror, comedy, and romance, therefore this film is widely popular. This film shows an unlikely romance between a human and a zombie, in a future apocalyptic earth. Tessa Palmer plays a young human girl called Julie, and Nicholas Hoult plays R a zombie boy with a witty sense of humour and a conscience that other zombies don’t possess. After R saves Julie during a zombie attack the two begin to build the base of their relationship, and slowly Julie’s kindness begins to turn R human again. However the pair overcomes a number of obstacles including Julie’s father’s disapproval, and constant attacks from the “Bonies”, which are out to get both the zombies and humans. This movie is a refreshing change from the usual zombie films, which is why I think it was so successful.

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