Monday, 16 March 2015

Exam Advice – Top Tips

1.      Take Breaks – try to stop and de-clutter your mind every now and again. It doesn’t have to be for long and just do something that doesn’t require too much thought: dance around your room, go for a short walk or take a relaxing shower.

2.      Drink lots of water (or tea) – its important to keep your brain hydrated. Water is like oil for the great machine of learning.

3.      Don’t eat ‘comfort foods’ – sometimes during your exam period all that you want to do is curl up and cry over a box of chocolates or a basket of muffins or an entire tub of ice cream (or all of the above), we’ve all been there. Ok, it’s fine to slip up now and again but those foods reduce your brain’s function and make it more difficult for you to concentrate. Try eating a punnet of blueberries instead.

4.      Find your own revision path – some people revise early in the morning, some people revise best during the night, some people revise at intervals during the day, find the best way for you to work and stick to it. They are your exams and you know yourself the best way that you learn.

5.      Exercise stimulates the brain – and you really want your brain to be stimulated.

6.      Accept your failures (or possible failures) and move on. Don’t dwell for the whole summer, you have lots of options and can always re-do things which don’t go so well.

7.      Don’t procrastinate – this sounds much easier to do than it actually is but put down your phone, deactivate your Netflix and stay away from the Internet like it’s the plague. Try revising with books, pen and paper to avoid temptation.

8.      Find out what type of learner you are – some people like mind maps, some write things out again and again and again, some use past papers to answer questions. Its all about knowing what’s right for you but remember to change it up a bit every now and again.

9.      Tell your parents how your exam really went – its better they know now than in August.

10.  Chill – its not like its the rest of your life or anything.

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