Monday, 8 December 2014

Strictly Interview with Mr Reid

Last year, staff and pupils alike competed in the first ever Porty does Strictly. It’s back this year due to popular demand and in honor of this, we conducted an interview with one of the participants, Mr Reid from the English Department who is pairing up with Ms. Kirkwood. Even though we were pretty sure he was trying to avoid us since there just happened to be multiple delays and even an attempt to wriggle out of it on the agreed day, we eventually got him to sit down with us and answer our questions. We hope you enjoy.

What did you think of last year’s Strictly?
Eh, last year’s Strictly was excellent. I thought that the standout performance was definitely Mr McCulloch and yeah, it made me want to take part in it this year.

What made you decide to do Strictly this year?
Well, being inspired from the performances last year but also Mrs Williamson always gets you right at the end of term when you’re really tired and you don’t have any fight in you as well, that was another reason.

Do you have any previous experience?
Umm, I’m quite well known as an excellent dancer to be you could put that in.

Rumours say you’ve been teaching and advising other people, are they true?
What’s actually true is that a lot of people have been coming to me for advice but I’ve had to say that I can’t do it, I don’t have enough time.

What type of advice would you give them?
I can’t, I don’t have time to give it.
(Ms. Kirkwood) What? Advice about dancing?
Yeah, yeah.
Everyone’s been coming to ask you how to samba and how to waltz.
Yeah, I’ve had to lock my door.

What style are you dancing?
We’re doing the samba dance.

Started practising?
Yes, we have and it’s going extremely well. People should be extremely worried.

How is your dancing partner (Ms. Kirkwood)?
Ms. Kirkwood is struggling a little bit, I’m having to give her a lot of support. She’s, um, yeah. I’m trying to think of a simile I could use. She’s a bit like a…. I’m not going to finish that sentence actually. Nevermind.

Any thoughts on competition?
I think everybody looks pretty, pretty good this year. It would have been good to have a go at competing against Mr McNiven and Ms Nesbitt again but there you go.

Have you seen anyone else’s dancing?
No, it’s been top secret. I’ve not seen anybody else’s yet.

And finally, what’s been your favourite thing since joining the school?
Favourite thing since joining the school? Why, um, this interview right now.

By Duaa Musa and Heather Notman

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