Monday, 10 November 2014

Tipsy Mallows Cafe Review

Tipsy Mallows Review

Tipsy Mallows burst onto the Portobello cafe scene in early 2013, sporting new, fun and unique products and ideas such as their alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) marshmallows and Japanese speciality, bubble tea. It can be easy for a cafe to become lost in the mass of coffee shops and bistros in our small town but Tipsy Mallows stood out from the start with their unique brand and attractive and colourful look, inside and out.

I, and another member of our team, took a trip down to the cafe to sample some of their delicacies. The staff were welcoming and the atmosphere inside the shop was thoroughly friendly, throughout the afternoon customers were coming in and out trying a number of Tipsy Mallows’ unique foods from, their namesake alcoholic marshmallows to speciality macaroons or even just a coffee. For myself, I ordered a vanilla milkshake, which was served in a novelty glass bottle and tasted wonderful. My friend opted for one of the Tipsy Mallows signatures, bubble tea (a fruit tea developed in Asia featuring edible tapioca pearls and usually served cold). Personally, the bubble tea was a new experience for me but an enjoyable one, it is the type of drink, which is pleasantly surprising, and I would definitely recommend. Aside from these we also tried a raspberry ripple marshmallow, which we definitely got our moneys worth as it was huge, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Tipsy Mallows also feature a range of other cafe style foods like croissants and scones that are entirely homely and warming.

In general, this cafe is a lovely and different idea and welcome change to the Portobello high street. They do not only have their wonderful and novelty tipsy marshmallows they also sell fantastic foods which incorporate brilliant flavors making this cafe a lovely place to be and I would thoroughly recommend.

Hannah Low & Alex Kennedy

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